I did record the pod cast

Yes I recorded the pod cast as I promised in my last post, but unable to deliver here due to various reasons. It was not easy to get started and not tough after I started recording. First of all during the Friday night when I went back to home, I relaxed and finished my dinner and thought to start record the pod cast, but it was tough….not recording, but to find the mp3 player. I kept it outside my bag and forgot where exactly I left it. It took 2hrs of my time to re collect and then finally at one go I finished recording.
When I started recording it was 2 AM in the morning and I thought to put it on podbean.com, then later found that they have limited space of 100 MB for free users which doesn’t serve my purpose. I decided to upload it on my own server and found couple of plug INS which can host my pod cast and yaa they are accessible for my mates who use a screen reader. Then finally I thought to upload, but there is one more problem my mp3 player recorded the pod cast in WMA format and to convert I need a converter. The laptop which I use now is too old to handle any more extra software’s and I have to get my desktop repaired to get it uploaded. No luck inspire of trying to repair my desktop computer there are couple of problems which is not helping my computer to run as I wanted and I need more time to host it directly on to my blog.

For those who would like to download and listen to this pod cast please download from rapid share for time being and yes don’t forget to give your suggestions, tips and leave your comments in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “I did record the pod cast

    1. Hi Amit,
      Sorry for the inconvinience. Think the link expired & i am not able to find the podcast backup. Will let you know if i find the podcast.

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