I Am The Force

Some times determination is just not enough….When we want to put our thoughts into action we must always remember and say each minute to ourselves that we are the force…we are the one who start and who quit then why wait for things to fall in place…

I never waited for the right time to come and I never shut the doors for any opportunity….some say I am a opportunist, some say I am inspiration and some say I failed to avail a opportunity…so wake up from that dreamy sleep of yours there are real dreams to chase and if you want to get lost in fantasy then do at least that innovatively because there is always fun in doing things that are not done before.

I woke up one day from my dream and decided to run a marathon, make that 101 list, read books, teach students etc…every thing I did was possible because I said to my self 12yrs ago that I want to be a force and gave that personality a name “Raghava” I cared, groomed and taught this personality every thing which I was lacking 12yrs back….it took enormous amount of energy, time, effort and pain to become competitive with this so called normal world nothing is perfect and…I won, failed, saw success and failure, experienced pain and gain but nothing mattered by the end of the day…when I go to bed each day I still believe I am the best and I am the force behind Raghava..

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