Hybernation Mode & Moving Forward


Finally after 2months I thought it is time to move out of hibernation & write a post for my blog. There was a lot that has happened during last 2months which changed my life &; given me a new motivation to keep up my spirits. I am happy, joyful &; moving forward to face the new challenges & amaze my self.

My attempt to compile the list of 101 things to do before I die has not yet finished & the attempt to do one of those activities is also taken a back step during the last 2months. I was trying to be my self, cutoff from all the crazy things of life & spend more time in sleeping, eating good food, spending quality time with family & friends. I felt that I need to stop juggling in life & do some thing else.

For a while I stopped blogging, reading books & articles, unsubscribed from news letters & cut all the unnecessary noise out of my life to get a new feeling & energy that I can sink in with.

Some times it is good to take a break from everything that we are doing & rediscover our inner consciousness & I am sure most you might have done something of this sort. Share it with me in comments section.

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