How to Write Content for Your Blog

This is one of the most asked questions by my friends who started blogging along with me. Rags how do you write daily and how you can just write all at a shot so easily, I laugh and say it is not so tough to write any thing for a blog. We must write a post on the subject we are interested and passionate about. For this we have to read about those subjects. Internet has got lot of information and all our life is not enough to digest it.

Here I will share a way of getting us ideas to do blog posts daily. I think every blogger knew or heard of RSS Feed, if you know it’s good or go to wikipedia and read about it. If you like a blog or any website just pick the RSS feed of that site and add it to your feed reader like google reader, which I use frequently. Once you add the feed, you are saving a lot of time and just only by opening your reader you will be able to read the site updates at one place. Is it not magic by the RSS feeds? In fact they are really magic bullet systems. After you read any post and you like to write about that particular topic just open a word pad and copy the lines which fascinate you or grab your interest.
Now that we have all the interesting sentences that we would like to write about, just read them again and again. Filter the text until satisfied. You are done; once the text is filtered you have rich text left on your word pad. After that just start writing taking the hints from the text just filtered. It is easy to write as we have done all our home work during filtration which is a time consuming job.

This particular tip works for bloggers who just started and for those who are advanced can use the RSS feeds and get the info, write simultaneously when they finished reading.

Here is a video which explains the rapid ranking system which walks through how to write and publish more content. This video is from Dan Thies an seo guru and I recommend every one to see this video for more information. We can use RSS feeds even for getting more visitors. Pick your blog Rss feed and start distributing it into all Rss directories. Directories has got a special position on the internet and the submitted feeds will be picked by search engines and your blog will be granted with more rankings, visitors. Here is the list of web directories.

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