How my blog is testing my patience

After lot of effort and help from friends and family I got my blog up and running it for a while. Last week some thing happened which screwed my blog totally. I was trying to put one of my pod cast and updated the post. Some thing happened which shocked me, all my posts, comments are not visible. I thought for a minute that my blog was hacked and the hacker deleted the content. I got some help from Mohan and he suggested talking to my hosting provider. As he suggested I had a live chat with them, they asked to repair the database and if the problem still persists they asked to get in touch with security team.

Magically the repair option got back all my content, but even before I enquired the technical team for solution I tried my own methods like deleting plug-in, deactivating and reinstalling word press. During this move some errors took place which might be or might not be rectified. Now I found that my threaded comment plug-in is giving trouble by showing some error and stopped functioning. I am not able to reply to comments and interact with my users. I cannot effort to change the theme. I am trying to test all possibilities and looking at all options.

One thing I learned from this is I must have lots of patience and energy to deal with these kinds of small problems. Ok now I am off to rectify my comments system plug-in.

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