How I Stepped into Online Marketing

I wanted to do some thing different than others, no wonder every one in the world want to do some thing different. But very few people make that dream come true. I want to be one of those few people and I am working towards that dream day and night. I realized that it needs focus determination and hunger to do it. When I was rejected by the companies looking at my disability, I decided and tried to find an alternative.

The alternative I found is internet, internet was like god and I learnt lots from it and I am still learning from it. This all started 5yrs back when I went to one of my friend’s house. His name is pavan and we are friends for a quiet some time. He is trying to learn Microsoft FrontPage and I asked why you are learning it. He answered that he want to design a website and with website we can earn money by putting ads. He gave an example of of one of his friend who does his full time living on the internet. I thought this is a cool idea and came home thinking to replicate the same. I have no clue of how to learn and pavan will not teach saying you will not understand. So I decided to do all trial and errors. In a way I was successful, I downloaded couple of tools which create website with the click of a button. I learned enough of web designing and I started regularly visiting pavan to get more ideas. Mean while he also finished designing his website and hosted online and I asked how much will you learn, he answered website is only a part of the work, I need to do SEO and get rankings, traffic to earn good search engine positions and earn money. He did not tell any thing about SEO, I came back home done my research on google, subscribed to all newsletters, read all e-books, read forum postings etc.

All these activities went for a year and I was about to finish my final year of graduation, so I need to concentrate on my studies. Finally I finished my graduation and then went for my ayurvedic eye treatment for a month and when I came back I decided to dig deep into web marketing. Slowly I learned the basics and I wanted to learn the advanced, so I started reading the blogs. I started a blog on blogspot and use to just cut and paste all those articles which I liked. During the month of December 2007 I got admission in enable India for computer training for the visually impaired course and traveled to Bangalore. While I was learning screen reader here I have couple of e-books on web marketing and I started reading them. Finally during the month of May 2008 when I was placed in a company all the knowledge which I acquired about web marketing helped me out. During the time of interview. I sold my blog for couple of hundred dollars and then bought some domains and then I started understanding the reality of business.

The reality, yes the real fact for anything which I want to do on the web I need assistance, I have no money and I don’t like to take money from my father to start this business. Then I found some friends who are in similar lines and started off with them. I gave the ideas and they implemented, end of the day we are suppose to share money equally. It went well for quite some time and finally they thought to chuck me off and they have done it successfully. I was broke but not in terms of money. I thought I will start again and this time also I need some one to assist me I thought to go with some known people. While I was on hunt for them, I lost my job due to recession during the month of November 20008. Time for me to think and I really want to start some thing and make use of my SEO knowledge and earn from it. I found couple of clients and I use to earn some good amount from it. I use to spend all this money for my education in buying some courses, paid forums etc. Free content is free and paid is always top so I prefer the paid one now. This went for couple of months and during the month of March 2009 I got selected at IBM and I was waiting for my offer letter. During the 2008-2009 I made enough clients to whom I use to consult and make some good money ranging from 200-400$. I thought to invest all this and make some good websites, but all my paid forum and memberships use to eat this amount. Currently I have couple of domains which are parked and today also I need assistance of some one whom I can trust and help me with my manual work force activities.

While was on my way of getting the offer letter I gained experience in Online Marketing where I have learned search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing etc and some advanced stuff. Then Istarted reading about digital media marketing, interactive marketing and use to continuously network with people on facebook and linkedin.

Internet has changed my life totally and going to change the life of many others.

This is a series so stay back for the next post and put your views, questions and concerns in comments section.

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