He is not differently-abled, but definitely-abled

I met Lakshmi Rebecca during the search marketing summit and she told that she would like to do a video with me for her You Tube show “Chai With Lakshmi” and I was the 2nd person to get interviewed for her show.

Meet the 24 year old Digital Strategist who is legally blind. Google and his family were his life-line to normalcy.

Raghava’s visual impairment was only the beginning of his expanding vision and bigger dreams. He lives independently and takes time out from his day job
at IBM for keeping abreast with the world of Digital Strategy. Raghava is a truly empowered individual. He is a charming young man with lot of grit and
dynamism. And his is a fight for a normal life, a life without the discrimination that the disabled suffer.

Raghava is a friend and inspiration. Someone who went through over 40 interviews in the span of 9 months and faced the kind of rejection that most of us
would cringe to imagine.

Raghava believes in self-empowerment and is a die-hard optimist. Put him in a crowd and he’s like a firework, can’t miss him! He is not differently-abled,
but definitely-abled. I can’t think of enough ‘abled’ people where as determined and dynamic. And getting to where he is today meant fighting depression,
loneliness and bullying.

Raghava is most grateful to his family and
Enable India
for supporting him in empowering himself.

If you are an NGO who is supporting differently-abled people who are unable to hear or see this episode, write in to me at info@chaiwithlakshmi.in I would
be happy to send you a transcript of this episode in order that it can be printed in Braille.  I’d love for this positive message to touch many more lives,
like it has my own.

9 thoughts on “He is not differently-abled, but definitely-abled

  1. Hi Raghava,

    It was really wonderful to watch your video. we sometimes frown at our so less and insignificant problems in life. but it was really amazing to see that how you have fought back and stood as a true winner in life.

    In my life i have witnessed and experienced many success but I admire and see yours as a true success and triumph over every obstacle. In my eyes you live a true fulfilling life with greatest achievement that anyone of us can only aspire to get.

    Thanks for the inspiration Raghava.
    Best wishes for You,

    1. Hi Rimi,
      Success is something how you define for yourself and how you want to see yourself by achieving your goals. I can measure my success because i decide my goals and i know the amount of hard work that i need to put in to reach that level. It might be a failure for some people but it still signifies success to me.

      Thanks for your wishes ..

  2. Hi Raghav,

    Very inspiring! It is very positively over-whelming & really there is a lot to learn from you! All the best!

  3. Hey Raghav,

    hope you are fine…

    This is seriously fascinating and highly inspiring.

    get going dude! 🙂

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