Give it a Try

You can’t do impossible things if you settle on the first level of naa I can’t do that stuff…so get out of the bed, give it a try and if you fail there is still a chance that you might want to try it again. This is what I did all my life when I was told I will be blind one day. I want to do something impossible where world can recognize me as a celebrity and the mere thought of it makes me run behind my dreams.

It was not easy task I am not ready for the real world challenges and I lost confidence more than once but I took learning’s from each incidence and saw to that I improved. It is all about doing it and not speculating if you can do it or not. When you decide that you are not going to do it never regret because it is you who decided not to do it. I failed in many things but I gave at least 1 try before I admitted the defeat and it is that kick of energy make me move forward.

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