Finally fixed all my blog plug- ins

The biggest challenge i face while i run my blog is dealing with the tech part of it. From yesterday i am trying to install all necessary software’s on my new desktop and trying to work on my blog. I updated couple of basic plug-ins and i was stuck updating the twitter tools plug-in. It asked me to register and get some consumer key and secret to connect with my twitter account. It was not so easy for me i am able to fill all the details but unable to register it. I thought i did some thing wrong and keep on trying for a long time.

Later i found that when i press Register button another window displays which doesn’t open in mozilla and i think it is in the form of flash. That window contains all license terms and conditions which i need to accept. I was able to figure that flash window with a great difficulty and finally integrated my twitter account to the blog. My screen reader is able to read that license terms only when i use couple of special keystrokes and it is not easy to figure out that another window opened, as it doesn’t give any kind of beep or sound.

Twitter must make this process more simple by providing the license agreement on the same page and options of accepting it. Any ways i finally got it upgraded successfully.

If anyone got some good suggestions or thoughts please put them across in comments…

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