Day starts with Struggle

So my day starts with struggle and end with struggle, but there is a whole new world of experience, adventure, learning, joy and all the drama of life between the start and end…this keeps me going because each day I find people struggling to achieve something and give it up so soon that they don’t even realize the effort they put just needed some more push.

It is easy to pull something towards us but very tough to push, this rule applies in life so much that we don’t want to push ourselves and see if we can get anything out of it. I am pushing my limits each day and will keep doing it until I find a reason for not doing it…

So did you ever came out of your comfort zone and pushed yourself to do something out of the box? Share it with me in comments section.

One thought on “Day starts with Struggle

  1. you have a totally different meaning of comfort zone then many of sighted people like me ,raghava!
    your comfort zones are is by default keep giving you challenges!
    you made up of sterner stuff!you keep challenging your comfort zone!
    though i try not to fall into the trap of comfort of familiarity and stagnation,i can not keep pace with you!
    hope you will keep inspiring all the people who sometimes find life is too much to cope!

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