Currently Running Like A Bull

I am not posting any thing here for a while as I am keeping busy with couple of projects that I am doing for enable India and for couple of my friends. I am getting my blog organized by adding proper categories, sub categories and making it clean by removing unwanted plug-in, testing new plug-in etc.

I am collecting information on GMAT and how visually impaired can write GMAT. Lot of help came from inclusive planet and beat the GMAT who is helping us to procure more information. Keeping very busy in writing proposal documents, concept notes, strategy documents, capturing ideas etc and apart from this helping my friends in their event marketing and product launches. I think this whole month I am occupied and need to find some time for my self to enjoy my week ends. How much ever work I may have, I am sleeping peacefully by the end of the day. I keep talking to my family when I feel tired, frustrated or when I feel low. They boost my energy and my fire goes up 1000percent. Currently my sister is traveling from Cambridge to couple of places and my dad and mom just returned from the village.

I am planning to go to karalla for my eye treatment and need to pull out time for this important aspect of my life. I realized only when my aunt spoke to me couple of days back. It provoked the thought why should I quit when it is helping even if it is 50 percent. Thanks meena aunty and that’s it for now, I have to rush and finish writing some more documents.

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