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After spending a lot of time all alone in my room sleeping, eating, watching movies and reading blogs, finally I decided to put on some notes for my next talk which I will be delivering at TEDX Youth Chennai. I am aware of what I wanted to talk, but confused how to tell my story. I decided to search the internet and find out the best way of putting up my presentation and found some really good tips. I have a gut feeling that one of my online friends can help me in this and she shared some tips and asked me to write a script and send it across to her. I think that will be a right move in the first place.

I want to really prepare for this talk and would be taking help from Suresh and Shanti. Will be meeting Shanti for a break fast and she told that I need to really project on the story of how I became an Online Marketer, but there is a story which is not even known to my family and the world. I think it is the time that I write my story in the first place and then decide what to talk at the event.

Very few know about me and my life when I was a child and not even my family knew what I went through when I was studying at school or college. All that was hidden in my heart and brain as a memory is going to come out as a talk. A lot of people played an important role in my life and today I remember each and every person whom I met along the path that I chose. Some knew that they are teaching and motivating me, but some never realized what kind of impact they left in my life.

I request to share any tips or ideas which I must follow in order to achieve what I want in the talk. I will share my script and presentation with all my reader’s once finished.



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  1. Being Toastmaster, Few tips that I can share with you :
    1. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse as many times as possible. Also try to get the feedback from your loved ones or friends.
    2. Try to vary your tone and stress on important words/sentences to grab the attention instead of giving a monotonous speech
    3. Try to avoid fillers (like too many so’s, and’s, if’s, also, etc) that distracts the audience
    4. Touch various interesting aspects of your life
    5. Start with a BANG 😉 I mean grab the attention!
    6. Ensure there is a smooth flow between Opening, Body of the speech and Conclusion.
    7. Conclude with a positive note.

    Also refer the following link that helps you organize & deliver a great speech.

    Toastmasters call it as “IceBreaker Speech” in which you’re talking before an audience and the subject is “You”.

    The following link provides in-depth details about Speech preparation guidelines, preparing yourself, presenting the topic, etc :

    What is Toastmasters ?
    Toastmasters is a non-profit organization that helps people to improve their communication and leadership skills.
    For more info :

    1. Hey kishore sorry for the late reply but your tips helped me a lot and i decided to be a toast master.

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