Coming out of the comfort zone


I wanted to write, share and tell the world my experiences and experiments which I am doing currently with my life. Every day I promise to myself saying that today I will update my blog with a new post and I am failing to do so. There is a lot that happened during couple of months which did not come over here on my blog. There are a lot of happy moments which I would like to share with my readers like 
1. Spoke at the India Search Summit. 

2. I spoke at Head Start Saturday Startup meet.
3. Meeting Omebang members early morning in a park. 

4. Meeting Kiruba in Bangalore. 

5. Omebang getting support from IIM Bangalore NSRCEL. 

I have lots to write and I will make sure I will get all that stuff here on my blog. Each of those has got some different story which taught me couple of things which I would have never learns. If I don’t capture these memorable moments on my blog which is gold, it will be lost forever. 

Each and every day all these things ring in my head like a bell and drive me crazy. I converse with my self and try to give a valid explanation, but it is not satisfactory. The only factor which is driving me mad is laziness which I need to over come and in a way I won it. There is couple of simple changes which I implemented in my daily routine and I see that it is working and yielding me results. But I need to come out of my comfort zone in order to achieve my goal and be focused on what ever I am trying to do.

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