About raghav gets more clicks why?

Hi folks I thought to share some interesting information which grabbed my interest lately. I started this blog 6 months back and I see that more than posts people tend to know about the person who is authoring the blog. My “About Raghav” page is being clicked more times when people land on my blog or before leaving my blog. But the actual truth is I am so bad in writing about my own BIO and I thought to update it later. But I think this is high time I update that portion of my blog with some killer content and info about my self “ufcose the true thing’s only”
When ever I go and visit the blogs of other people I look at the Bio/About us page and here being a bloggerr I my self ignored completely the “About US”page on my blog which is not a good part. I decided to sit and write the Bio in myown language and get it edited as soon as possible.

“I am still looking and trying to understand how/where to start and if you got some thing to share please feel free to comment and let me know”.

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