A new beginning & a fresh start

We stepped into 2012 & this New Year has brought a new beginning & a fresh start into my life. I always wondered how it feels to start everything from scratch and do the same thing in different way. New year ignited that fire to my thoughts and kept me thinking what I really want to do in this year & what I have achieved during last 1yr, where did I fail, what did I learn etc.

During the month of jjanuary I decided to think and put all my thoughts onto a document, so that I can revisit, filter & set my goals for this year. As things always doesn’t go as we expect I want to take baby steps with regard to any task I pick this year, so that I am focused and will achieve that task. This is going to be a new beginning of my life as I am forced to relearn most of my daily activities due to deterioration of my eye sight in last few months. I knew that the journey in 2012 is going to be exciting & will be fruitful.

How are you going to start this new year? Shhare your thoughts in comments section.

One thought on “A new beginning & a fresh start

  1. fresh as just born.. thinking of new plans in this new year.
    Have a very good hoping year, HAPPY NEW YEAR ragav

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