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Why I write a blog

From last few days the thought of why I write a blog has kept me thinking. When I first started this blog I was never serious to write so much personal stuff, I thought to write about technology & some other things. But fortunately or unfortunately this blog has turned into a personal dairy in my life. A dairy which can be read by many & yet personal to me where I pour my thoughts, feelings, ideas etc. I gained a lot of loyal readers & supporters through this blog. I must say this first reader is my Dad, my aunt Meena, my sister sirisha & a lot of others.

Did I ever think to share so much about my self with any one was the thought which worried me for a while in last few days’? I never wanted to share my personal life with any one, but when I started this blog I became more social & interactive than before. Now I talk about my problems to people without hesitation & prefer being in the group. The transformation just happened, I did not even realize that I was changing & especially my blog is changing me constantly. In fact it is making my thoughts evolve & created a whole new personality of me.

When people meet me in events or family functions they say that we follow your blog & you inspire us a lot, I always ask this question to me why I inspire them? I still did not figure out, but I know that this blog has helped me personally a lot to be a better person & motivated me to push the boundaries, explore the new lands in life.
I blog & write because I want to do it because it eases me out of my frustrations, anger, loneliness & give me that stimulation to my thoughts, creativity & makes me feel that I am talking to a person who doesn’t interrupt me, judge me or give any free advise. no it is not a one way conversation that I have with my blog, I revisit my articles & read them again & again sometimes to get sense of what I have written. Some times I can feel that this blog is talking to me & there are my readers who comment, tweet or share my blog posts which create a conversation. I thank all my readers for the encouragement which is shown in one or the other way & I encourage you do keep your conversations alive.

What do you think about blogging & how did your blogging experience change you? Share in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Why I write a blog

  1. Hey you crazy fellow! I completely agree with your thoughts on writing blog! I would love to have one for myself. I believe in writing personal diary, but lost touch quite a few years ago! I like some of your thoughts!

    1. Hey Vidya,

      I agree with your thoughts of keeping a personal dairy, due to the limitations i now prefer a blog & i am willing to teach you & other Enable Indian’s about blogging.

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