A lonely night and these two videos

It was that moment of my life where I was thinking a lot about what I have done in last few years, what my strategy for 2014 must be & how I can change few or a lot of things in my current state of life to make a difference in me & others…for some reason a quite different feeling settled in the heart as I pondered on these questions…am doing a lot of things but mind need always a lot & that’s what happened, I was guilt stricken for a while for not giving my best and I kept thinking on what I need to do to get my mind satisfied.

I was bored & thoughts are not coming easily & I just knew that I need a burst of inspiration, felt like talking to someone & at night 2:00 AM I don’t know whom to call…haven’t found just that one friend whom I can call at any time and reading blogs, seeing comedy youtube videos, facebook & twitter looked hopeless.

I need a medicine that can pull me out of that momentary madness & make me feel good and that is when I stumbled on these two TED Videos. Like a question to my answer they were there in my email as part of the TED newsletter & after watching them I felt relieved from a lot of emotional baggage. I need to connect with a story where I can see my self and I think I found these two perfect videos. Watch them and see if you can discover something for your self.

Diana Nyad: Never, ever give up

Andrew Solomon: Depression, the secret we share | Video on TED.com

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