What is that I like about blogging

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Every day after coming back from the work, the important thing for me is to switch on my laptop and do some work like checking my mails, tweets, reading newsletters etc. I try to finish as much work as I can and the final item ion my list is to post a new blog entry. This is some thing which I am not doing regularly and I keep thinking no worries will do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow….that is never happening and I am slowly I started to neglect by not even opening my blog at least once a day. So I decided to pull my self and give it a priority. I started to think why am I doing this, what is it stopping me to give importance to my blog and the answer is lazy ness, carelessness etc. there is no one who will ask if I don’t put a post there so I took for granted and I keep postponing the work which I am doing for my own self satisfaction. I am planning my day in such a way where I finish most of the work in the limited time which I got. Today I decided to give a place to my blog in my daily schedule and keep the fire alive.

My blog is a source of inspiration to me and I keep reading to write some thing new here. In that process I learn spellings which are of massive value to me. So when I write I try to improve my writing skills and spellings which are helping to improvise my inner personality and thought process.

The truth is I lack good writing and speaking skills which I am improving through this blog .
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