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My Blog Became One Month Old

I never thought that i will become serious in blogging again. How things happen is interesting and i strongly believe now i will take this blog forward in my journey of life. Today my blog is one month old and done a good job in terms of getting visitors, comments, search engine rankings etc. I haven’t put any of my marketing knowledge to get any traffic, but still it is doing good.

I can say that indiblogger, blogadda and my friends are sending trafic to my blog. My family members visit my blog almost daily. I am looking forward to keep this blog alive by writing more and more.

I would welcome any guest blogger’s to post their content. Please leave a comment and i will get back to them. There are some challenges which i am facing while running this blog, but those challenges are making me strong and helping me to think out of the box. I am not scared of problem, i try to find a solution for it and my Dad say’s this all the time.

Let me see what i can do for this blog and my self in the coming future.

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