Saltydroid Is To Salty

Saltydroid what a name? Is that name not weird, yes it is a weird name and she is really salty. Here I am talking of a amazing person who has guts to expose scams publically and she delivers her message with a blog. One must see her blog and read the wonderful writings where she uses very good language……… offense. I was a a saltydroid follower and read her blog continuously.

One of my Online Mentor who lives in USA introduced me to her and since then I became fan of saltydroid. I can say I am in love with saltydroid and I recommend everyone to have a look at her wonderful writings. She expose scams mostly online scams, mlm marketing scams and other stuff, some time I have to read more than once to understand the story line, but it’s worth visiting her for a relaxation.

Ok…..instead of I talking some thing about saltydroid why don’t you all visit her once and come back here to share your views on her writings.

Ps….Raghava “Saltydroid cannot be seen visually, but she can be seen virtually” Satish

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