Raghava Who is he?

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I just thought I will introduce one more raghava on my blog. Actually I was tracking how my blog is performing on search engines and came across this famous personality named raghava kk. His Ted video appeared on the search results and I thought to have a look as I am a big fan of ted.com. I was blown up when I watched him speaking on the stage and sharing his life. There is some thing which is similar about both of us; he is mad, funny, crazy, cool etc ad I am also like him. He travels a lot and soon I will also go on my journey, I love to travel, learn new things, paint, and take photos & videos.
Our professional lives are totally different he is a painter, cartoonist etc and I am a freak of web, marketing, entrepreneurship etc. There is always some thing similar yet much different when we compare our selves with others. Any how here is the video I would like to share with you all.

Raghava KK 5 Lives Of An Artist

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