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I love to talk and state my opinions about all the various things, random and things with connection to anything in life… no you might be thinking..” aah here goes another of those self proclaimed bloggers!!” Well, I am not any just blogger, I blog with a reason, and a cause…

Here is a little insight about me… I am Raghava, and I write for a reason.. being visually impaired has only enhanced my ability to look at things in life from a different angle, and it has helped my face new challenges with much more zeal and zest!

The more you get to know me, the better would you understand what a cracker of a person I am, always enthusiastic about the ways of life, and I love to face things head on with the broadest smile on my face! Blogging is for me a chance to rediscover my soul and it is a window to my readers into my life, a place which I try making as colourful and vibrant as possible!

Learning new things, facing new challenges and getting to know new people always gives me a kick and a reason to achieve all my goals and things in life, which I had prepared as my bucket list. When life and a few things bog me down, I rise from my own ashes like the pheonix and accept all that is thrown at me!

There are a lot of people who have directly and indirectly helped me thorugh my transition from being someone who could see thing clearly to someone who is fast losing sight, and I would only love to thank them for their love, care and undying support, which has made me the strong person that I am today!

Enjoy reading more about all that I would have to say henceforth… Happy Reading!!

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  1. Hi, I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Washington. My research is on mobile device and camera interaction for blind and low-vision people. My goal is to find a usable way for blind people to use the camera on mainstream cell phones to gather certain information about their environment.

    I have set up a repository for blind people to submit photos they have taken. You can go here to answer a few questions and submit any photos: http://abstract.cs.washington.edu/~cjayant/cameraRepos/upload_file.php. I am interested in what issues blind people have while taking photos, and excited to see some of the results as I move forward in my research.

    If you have not already completed my camera survey sent out a few months back, you can check it out here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGQ4aXZHcmZvaXBjN1Q3VUF3anNNUEE6MA

    This should only take a few minutes to complete. All survey results and photos are anonymous and not tied to your identity.

    If you have any questions, any comments on the form’s accessibility, or if you are interested in being a part of paid future interviews and studies, please send me an email! cjayant@cs.washington.edu

    Please forward to any relevant mailing lists or post to your blogs.

    Thank you!
    Chandrika Jayant

  2. Hi can you do a guest blog post which would explain this concept more clear and i am sure my reader’s would benefit with that info. I am also very much interested in photography and trying to learn, so your research inputs will be appreciated.

  3. Hello Satish

    what happen boss ? U ignored me totally …

    Any how good to see u are back on track


    1. Hi Hari,
      nothing like that was away from online marketing for a while and now i am back…E-mail your phone number..lost my mobile and lost all contacts.good to hear from you..

  4. Dear Raghava
    This is regarding the maths and science education access project that the
    XRCVC has taken up. The introduction to the project is as under:
    Many of us over the years have recognized a critical gap area in education
    initiatives of the visually impaired in India. A key area of concern has
    been that in the area of mathematics and science education and its access
    across the country for visually impaired students.

    Saksham and XRCVC in partnership have taken up a Math and science Access
    project through which we hope to make a beginning in this area of work. One
    of our first mandates under this project is to research and identify the
    most appropriate teaching-learning process and content to impart
    Mathematics and Science education to varied groups of visually impaired
    students (totally blind, low vision, children and adult learners)
    In order to achieve this we are starting off a research project to collect
    the ground level data.

    What we wanted your support in is can you share with us contact details
    and/or information of individuals/NGO’s/groups/Schools/Universities/Any
    other source that any of you know in India or Internationally who are
    actively interested and working in the area of mathematics and science
    education for the visually impaired or innovative pedagogies for
    mathematics and science education. These could be even one off visually
    impaired persons you know who have studied mathematics and science or are
    keenly interested in the same as even talking and documenting their
    experiences will be a crucial input for the project. . The mandate of the
    project is to collect data for diverse group of learners – totally blind,
    low vision, children and adult learners and hence we would appreciate any
    leads across for any of these groups.

    Since this is such a new area for all of us, starting off with researching
    at places where we know work is currently happening or to start talking to
    individuals who have studied or are interested would be most useful and we
    would like to garner the strength of everyone’s information to be put to
    best use of the project.
    Please let me know when it would be convenient for you to have a telephonic
    conversation regarding the questionnaire that we are using to collect data
    reagrding the maths and science project. Otherwise you can also fill up
    the questionnaire on the following link.
    Thank you for your support.
    Arshia Kaul
    Maths and Science Project

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