A Thank You note to My Eye Sight

Today just when I was going through couple of my blog posts I just got stick to this post for a while “ Are you Thankful for What You Have” which I wrote during last year. For a minute I was lost in thoughts and was unable to concentrate on anything because for a long time I knew one or the other day I need to face the truth that I might be totally blind, I knew this 10yrs back when doctor told me that it might take 1yr or it might take 10yrs for the vision to deteriorate.

Today I am stuck with the reality of life, I am losing my vision and finally I realized it. slow deterioration is very tough to spot and it took a long time for me to understand that I am not able to see things which i saw earlier and I got really worried, angry, frustrated with the thought of losing my vision totally. I stopped realizing how much my vision has helped me all these 10yrs to do various things which are played an important role for my success today. Even though it was little it helped me to see the world from a closer perspective which enabled me to acquire a lot of courage and belief in my self. It changed me from what I am to what I became and I am sure without my Eye Sight I would have not made all this forward.

I decided not to concentrate on what I am losing, instead I want to enjoy the every moment of my vision to the fullest. I want to thanks my eye’s for showing me the “Good, Bad & Ugly” of this universe. I just wished if I got more time to spend time enjoying the glory of able to see the world and I feel my eye’s saying me we can still show you the world from a different perspective and don’t forget only you can see the unseen because you are going to change and going to be different from now on. A better person than before, a person who sees and does things differently. Not many are blessed with this rare opportunity of living life differently, so thank us for what ever we have shown you and what ever we taught you.

It is tough to accept, but not impossible so move on and go on your journey of life. You still got a blur vision so use it also to the fullest and see what you can learn are the words that I heard in my dream. With this I wanted to thank my Eye Sight for all that it has done till date and move on with my life.

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    1. Hi Seema,
      Thanks a lot for your comment & yes you also got a nice blog. I need to find someone who can explain your art work with nice creative descriptions.

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