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Mount Everest……..Do I Have That Strength……

The other day I was going through the blog of Enidhi and saw him blogging about Santhosh who is going to climb the Mount Everest. In fact Enidhi put the video recording which he has done with Santhosh. After watching the video I remembered saying to my sis that I want climb the Mount Everest and I remember she saying it is not the huddles that will stop you to climb, but if at any point your confidence gives up you are finished. She asked me to read a book called ALIVE if I am not wrong.

Any way I dropped the plan of climbing Mount Everest and if any point  in my life if I want to do it, I will do it.  There is no one to stop me other than my self. Santhosh is doing this for a cause and I would like to support it badly.

Santhosh is really a brave man and I am trying to support his cause in what ever way I can. So lets tweet it and do blog posts about his cause and his journey. I wish Santhosh all the best and don’t forget to watch the video.

I told this to my sister and she told honey I know you want to do all those adventures of the world, but we have our limitations. She say’s we will go to manasarover one of the beautiful places. Hope I full fill some of my adventurous desires.

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