Patch of Light Darkness and The Fear

On Gray background, there is a window. A green landscape is visible through the window.
The Window

I look at the window & see a patch of white light & I close my eyes to feel the world of darkness…lately lot of light hurts me more than bit of darkness & I learned not to fear the darkness…

Fear is just not in the mind, it is a unconscious product of your mind present all over the body…some times I hear it, I feel it in my stomach & I feel weird with each part of my body…digging deep I realized that am fearing a lot of things because of my new blind world. Here a lot of things are black & white, for someone who has seen the world for 26yrs & who has to see the shades of light & dark, it is horrible…I panic for no reason, I search for comfort& say to my self that all will be fine…it’s ok & it’s time to move on.

I need something to compensate the pain of my new blind world & am trying to find what is that deepest desire of my heart, the journey is very tough & I just knew that I need to keep the burning flame of hope ..I cry, I curse, I fight & then I resolve…

Am transforming each day & am trying to figure out my life’s work & path, so I haven’t blogged here for a while. Like always I hope time answers my questions & I have something to work on.

2 thoughts on “Patch of Light Darkness and The Fear

  1. You are an inspiration to me with your realism and courage. Unlike many of us you face your fear and look it in the eye – it will learn its place. While those of us with the gift of physical sight so often blindfold ourselves or turn our gaze away. Know that you have a friend here who understands. You are finding your path. Do not lose heart. Your journey will lead you to the beautiful light and color within. Bless you!

  2. dear raghava,
    what makes you fearful is not the turmoil…
    not the fast changing world …or storms coming your way.
    the one thing which makes you fearful is -calm.
    the quite.the slow pace of life..
    you are so capable of handling crisis in your own way..
    but you can not handle the ‘pause’…with ease.
    you are on a fast track…
    you have done a lot in a short time.
    you have a huge fallowing there…who look up to you for inspiration.
    but i think you should take it easy.
    sit back if you can for a while!

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