I know, I know , I know……Enough.

I know that I am not blogging for a while, not putting any thing interesting or original on my facebook and twitter and not keeping active on any social platforms which is hurting my relations with people on all these social platforms.

Few days back when I was talking to my sister she told that “raghava you are loosing your charm in the digital space”…..First I did not understand her but later I got her, yes if you are keeping away from all these platforms, your voice cannot be heard when you really want to shout out and it is as simple as you don’t exist . I realized some thing in last few months of my silence in the online space, there are very few who cares when you write a blog post, when you tweet and put up a face book update. You need to atleast care for those few followers who show their loyalty towards your content and keep the work going, but I haven’t done it. I lost my follower’s and now I realized what I have lost in last few months.

Enough…I want to break the silence, want to write, express , network, encourage, participate in all those aspects which happen in and around my blog and the social space’s think that is the only way I can keep my spirits high and get motivated at every level of life.

The first and immediate loyal reader in my life is my Dad, Sirisha my sister and Meena my Aunt. I will keep my blog active for these people and will try to get more loyal reader’s during my journey of writing.

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