Currently Happening In Life

It was difficult to write & it is still difficult for me to write. Words just don’t flow on the word document like they used to… life took a big turn & am not sure if it is for the good or worse. 8 months back during a regular check-up I was informed that I had kidney failure & need to go through the treatment. After 5months of intense steroids & immune suppressors doctors were unable to revive the kidneys 100%. Now they work between 20-30% & each day I live with the dread that things might go either ways. Every time I get the blood test done my anxiety levels go up & I am in always worried about the reports. While there is nothing in my control the thing that is most frustrating me is that there is nothing that I can do to recover. I am also trying alternative medication & have seen bit of improvement. Let’s hope that I recover & kick some ass like always.



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