2 More Days For Kingfisher Blogger’s Meet

The excitement is building as the kingfisher blogger’s meet is nearing. Only two more days left and I can see the same kind of excitement in those who registered for the meet. The comments are flowing in the indiblogger portal with regard to meet and I can see almost 150 bloggers registered.

Lot of people are coming for the first time and I am going for a bloggers meet for the second time. Hmmmmmmm this time it’s not chai and pokada like last time, it’s beer from king fisher which is being served. Good news for those who drink……….. including me.

I said to my friend that dude they are serving Beer and I think I may drink, all of them laughed and one of them commented sala first of you cannot walk properly and on top of that you will drink, go home doing “left right left” with your stick. Many accidents will take place and it was a fun comment that time. All of them made some fun like this . It was fun you see,  being differently abled shares laughter to people and I too enjoy each minute of it.

Anyway I am excited to go for the event and meet new and amazing people, build my relations. So let’s catch up each other at the event and if you drink offer me a mug………….. to make our relation strong.

Hahahahahahahahah I am not serious….you are mistaken if you think so.

Ps…Raghava “I don’t lie you see, I just modify the truth” Satish

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